• System supporting communication with the public in the area of networks management and technical documentation
  • Statement administration, related processes, and legal obligations


The aim of VEST system implementation is to introduce the automation of activities related to issuing statements. Full automation is assumed in cases where there are no conflicts detected with a company network and technical infrastructure. In other cases, harmonization of the process, tasks, and VEST system support will be ensured, in order to increase efficiency and convenience during processing. Flexibility and configurability of the system makes it possible to increase automation to up to 97%, based on the experience gathered, or in case of a change in company processes.

Main benefits of VEST system implementation:

  • Detailed process management (decisions based on statistical data, performance management, flexibility to split the load)
  • Up to 90% lower costs for statement processing thanks to digitization of processes
  • Prioritizing applications according to the applicant and type – e.g. giving high priority to emergencies
  • Significantly lower ratio of manual work involved, eliminating needless activities 
  • Synergy with other underground services and other partners
  • Simplified communication with the applicant
  • Standardization and clarity of the applicant’s data
  • Guaranteed deliverability of the electronic statement
  • Gradual quality improvement of the graphic data fund depending on the need of full automation of the processing of statements concerning the existence of network lines
  • Fast analysis of potential causes of emergencies caused by the constructors when compared to the request for a statement
  • Efficiency increase – reduction in operational costs
  • Benefit for the public – increase in company prestige
  • Ensuring observation of legal obligations
  • Financial benefits



We offer and guarantee expert know-how and consulting in the area of statement administration. Design and optimization of statement processing is also part of the system implementation. We base our solution on future proofing, which means we design processes with a view to the future and we expect that the automation rate will increase. The VEST system is designed with a high level of flexibility and is ready to react to changes in internal company processes, as well as to the changes of the external environment.

Thanks to our experience gathered during previous projects and our know-how in the area of technical documentation, deployment of the VEST system is able to change processes and make them more efficient without the risk of negative impacts that are usually associated with the implementation of a new information system.