We create solutions for the telecommunication sector.  The decision-making process is sped up based on the availability of spatially related information about the placement of plastic and cable infrastructure and network components.


The technical-operational solution from HSI is specifically made to meet the needs of telecommunication companies and provides spatially related information about:

  • Placement of plastic and cable infrastructure
  • Metallic, optical, and mobile networks components
  • General topography
  • Geospatial schemas with support for connective and ownership relations
  • Logical and physical layer of network

In addition, it also includes support for routing and localization of network components in the field.

The solution may be enriched by data from the Cadastre of Real Estate, orthophoto maps, or data from other systems. It is used when the location of a malfunction needs to be identified, when acquiring information on all network components or about immovable property, and during planning interruptions of operation, replacement, and maintenance. Specialized tasks related to telecommunications topics are integrated into the system, as well as regular operational GIS functionalities.

Adding the ability to automatically create export DGNs and automatic generation of planning books in PDF format can extend the functionality of the system. Based on information about network topology in the customer’s internal register, it is also possible to offer on-line generation of cable schemas, branching, and connections in individual network junctions.