• Expert consulting services
  • Custom software development
  • Information systems completion and support
  • Supplying IT technologies
  • Training and education
  • ČÚZK (State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre) data and data from the Cadastre of Real Estate and RÚIAN (the Registry of Territorial Identification, Addresses, and Real Estate)
  • A team of experts providing specialized care in the area of standard information systems development
  • Transfer of knowledge gained on a wide range of projects in diverse areas
  • Guaranteed quality supported by a number of successful implementations
  • Active involvement on projects for government and local administration
  • Supplying appropriate hardware to meet application needs


Our focus is complex consultancy in the areas of technical and geographical processes and professional graphic oriented systems, including services for support and further development.


Together, we will find the tight spots, locate needed information, and agree on the method of resolution. We will then complete what is needed, keep an eye on the operation, and propose corrective actions if required.