Statement processing automation at Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura

Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s. (CETIN), which manages and operates the largest data and telecommunication network in the Czech Republic, chose to fully automate its telecomunnications infrastructure statement processing. HSI designed and implemented a solution that enabled the unification of the organizational and technical environments for the statement processing. The entire process of providing information on the network was made faster and simpler, resulting in significant operation cost savings.


“Our goal was to fulfil the wishes and requests from our customers to give them quick access to the information needed while eliminating the need for personal appointments and long waiting. Thanks to the implementation of Bentley technology and the application provided by HSI, spol. s r.o., we created a comprehensive solution, which uses modern technology features and therefore provides a high level of convenience not only for the application processor, but also for the applicant.

Jiří Koch
Manager of Geographic Network Registers, CETIN


  • 85% reduction in annual operation costs related to providing statements
  • Decrease in statement processing time from 12 days to 1 hour
  • Implementation of a stable and secure system environment
  • Simplification of communication
  • Guaranteed deliverability of the electronic statement


Customer profile

Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s. (CETIN) was founded on June 1st 2015 as a separate company during the split of O2 Czech Republic a.s. It manages and operates the largest data and telecommunication network covering the entire Czech Republic. The company specializes in planning, construction, and operation of mobile networks, metallic and optical fixed networks, including a nationwide broadband data communication network for all operators on the market. CETIN offers its services principally to various telecommunication operators, enabling them to provide their services to their end-customers.

Starting point

Since 2003, the company had been dealing with the issue of providing information concerning the existence of network lines via several local applications that were developed in individual technical documentation departments with no managing process in place. This situation was solved by the implementation of the VETEZ system that ensured unification of organizational and technical environments for processing network lines information. A unified ORACLE database with a direct link to the central system for graphic data administration was used to centralize these processes while the requests for statements were still submitted either personally, via post, or later in electronic form. The entire process was handled manually, from receiving the request, through evaluation of conflicts in the CSD graphic environment, up to the final printing and mailing of the statement to the applicant. Technological and organizational unification significantly simplified and sped up the processing of statements, but the quest for further automation of the process continued.

Project outcome

The outcome of the project is a solution that significantly accelerates and simplifies the process of providing network line statements. From submission of the application, through processing, and finally to sending the results back to the applicant, the entire process is electronic, with no active participation required from the O2 (now CETIN) employees.

Our Solution


The target state was reached in three phases. Integration of applications submitted by the applicants via website portal was the sole objective of the first phase. Automation of negative conflicts, i.e. those where there are no networks owned by O2 (now CETIN) in the relevant area, was the scope of the second phase, which resulted in an 80% increase of applications submitted in electronic form. Full automation was implemented after the first year of operation. This solution, which has been in place since March 2010, also handles cases with conflict.

Automatic issuing of the final statement via an electronic repository and automatic sending for printing was also included in the scope of this phase.

The automatic system as a whole is also able to handle cases where full automation is not possible. The system is also capable of reciprocally distributing building owners applications to other technical infrastructure operators such as ČEZ, RWE, etc.

Central Business Logic (CBL) is the core of the automation system. It is a function of the database that processes all requests for new statements. Requests enter the system via the company portal, where the applicant submits their application form. Indication of a polygon of the relevant area is part of this application and serves subsequently as a source for further processing, such as detection of conflicts, creation of graphic documentation for the statement, and preparation of the provided DGN files.

VETEZ system in figures:

  • 150,000 applications from building owners per annum
  • 30,000 applications from other infrastructure operators (accidents etc.) per annum
  • 93% of applications with electronic communication
  • 90% of statements processed in fully automated mode
  • 1TB graphic data

Basic project information