Statement automation in Slovak Telekom

Slovak Telekom offers the public the ability to electronically apply for and receive statements about the existence of network lines thanks to the solution delivered by HSI. Automation provided more efficient statement processing and a substantial reduction in processing costs.​



“We were the first network lines manager in Slovakia to offer the public a modern and convenient way to submit an application via internet, while simultaneously significantly speeding up applications. Implementation of the VEST system thus significantly reduced our operational costs and increased the efficiency of our processes.”

Ing. Lucia Pravdová,
Procedures and Support Manager



  • Significant reduction in statement processing costs due to digitization
  • Simplification of communication with the applicant
  • Statement processing time reduced from days to hours
  • Cost savings and more efficient utilization of employees
  • Increased profits in the area of data provision due to collection of fees
  • Performing legal obligations


Customer profile

Slovak Telekom (ST) is the largest telecommunication operator in Slovakia, offering its fixed lines and mobile network products and services to individuals, households, and companies. It is also the largest manager and provider of telecommunication infrastructure, namely optical and metallic cable networks, with a nation-wide presence within the Slovak Republic.

Starting point

Administration of statements about the existence of network lines in ST was handled manually and was decentralized to individual regional technical documentation (TD) departments. For an application to be submitted, the applicant had to do it either in person at the TD department, or had to send it via post. Technical documentation specialists then entered the application into the record-keeping system and manually prepared the statement and map-backgrounds of the network lines locations. On average, processing of the application took several days. Additionally, some departments were overloaded while some were underutilized.

Project outcome

The outcome of the project is centralized and unified application processing. Submitting an application was redirected to the web portal and the technical documentation departments contact offices for public were gradually eliminated. Employee costs are applied in a more efficient way. The time needed for statement processing was shortened, and submission of the application is easier for the applicant. Due to automation of statement processing, available resources were transferred to tasks related to finalization of technical documentation digitization. Printing was eliminated and the number of applications sent from individual departments was reduced due to outsourcing of printing.

our Solution


From an architecture point of view, the VEST system implemented in Slovak Telekom is a standard HSI solution and consists of an intake web portal and the system core.

The web portal enables the applicants to submit the application, to define the relevant area via a polygon indicated on the map, and to collect the statement after it has been processed.

The core of the system is comprised of a business logic that is surrounded by individual functional modules – Notifications, PDF robots for creation of text and map documents, fees, etc. These individual interfaces are also connected to the business logic.

The most significant interface is to an extensive GIS system based on the GE SmallWorld platform, where ST keeps the data about network lines location and map-backgrounds, such as DTMs or cadastral maps. This interface is using proven HSI technology where graphic data is stored in the Oracle database. The VEST system is complemented by its own map window based on HSI ProGIS technology. This window enables the user not only to display topology data, but also to draw an indicative draft of networks location in the areas where the process of data unification has not been finished yet. Slovak Telecom also benefits from a thin GIS client implemented as part of the VEST system that will enable a large range of users to access the topology data.

Yet another important interface was implemented in order to secure collection of fees. Slovak Telekom offers its applicants the option to pay the statement fee via SMS payment or bank transfer. Last but not least, there are interfaces to the central ST address system and Slovak Post system implemented for print outsourcing purposes.

Basic project information