Statement automation in SITEL

SITEL, spol. s.r.o. offers builders the option to submit an electronic application and to pick up automatically processed statements about the existence of network lines thanks to the solution delivered by HSI. The efficiency of applications processing is considerably increased due to automation and lowers costs associated with statement processing.​


“Apart from other requirements, in order to obtain a building permit, builders also need information about our network. Approximately 20,000 individual builders apply each year, plus we process many more applications for our contracting partners among the other managers of technical and transport infrastructure. Before, we replied to the applications in eight to ten days on average, now the whole process is fully electronic. Starting with the registration of the applicant and entry of the requirement, through its internal processing, all the way to obtaining a complete statement by e-mail with a link to an electronic file. The portal is currently in full operation. It enables the customer to complete only one application in order to get the statement from more than one company with no need for repeated applications or even sending them by post.”

Pavel Rybka,
Services Director


  • Up to 90% reduction in cost for statement processing thanks to digitization of processes
  • Simplified communication with the applicant
  • Significantly shorter time needed to provide statements
  • Cost savings and more efficient utilization of employees
  • Increased profits in the area of data provision due to collection of fees
  • Performing legal obligations


Customer profile

SITEL is one of the most important providers of telecommunication technologies in the Czech Republic and among its customers are many leading Czech operators of telecommunication and data networks. It provides its customers with a wide range of telecommunication and data networks planning, construction, and maintenance services.

Starting point

The customer had been searching for an optimum solution for a long time, evaluating the possibilities for significantly increasing the efficiency of the Networks documentation department, testing alternate possibilities of electronic intake portals, and gathering information from projects completed for the other network operators. The whole method of application processing, evaluation of conflicts with networks managed by SITEL, stating the conditions for network protection, and delivering the statement to the customer, was handled manually and with very low productivity. The project started at the end of 2013 after internal analyses were finished, SITEL and HSI completed a detailed analysis of data, map backgrounds, and processes, and prepared a business case. Due to the fact that the payback period of the VEST portal investment is less than one year, and that other economic indicators were positive as well (e.g. the rate of interest ROI was higher than 38% and NPV(5) was over 5 million CZK), the customer decided to carry out the project and to implement the VEST Portal solution.

Project outcome

The outcome of the project is unification of applications processing for more than one company and application of fully automatic processing according to parameters individually set by the customer for each defined area. We achieved a very significant reduction in administration costs for providing data to authorized applicants and an overall saving and more efficient use of finances, reduced time for application processing, and simplification of the process for the applicant. Thanks to the automation of applications processing, free resources could now be reallocated to increasing the quality of the SITEL database.

our Solution


From an architecture point of view, the VEST system implemented in SITEL is a standard HSI solution and consists of an intake web portal and the system core. The web portal enables the applicants to submit the application, to define the relevant area via a polygon indicated on the map, and to collect the statement after it has been processed. The core of the system is comprised of a business logic that is surrounded by individual functional modules – Notifications, PDF robots for creation of text and map documents, fees, etc.

The individual interfaces are also connected to the business logic. The VEST system is complemented by its own map window based on HSI ProGIS technology. This window enables the user not only to display topology data, but also to draw an indicative draft of networks location in the areas where the process of data unification has not been finished yet. SITEL also benefits from a thin GIS client implemented as part of the VEST system that will enable a large range of users to access the topology data.

Yet another important interface was implemented in order to secure collection of fees. SITEL offers its applicants the option to pay the statement via bank transfer, thus the most significant interface is one to the Navision system for managing applicant records, invoicing, and releasing the applications to be collected by the applicant.

The portal is currently in full operation and can be accessed at

Basic project information