Implementing AMI system for property management at the University of Pardubice

HSI deployed the AMI system at the University of Pardubice to provide higher quality information support for property management processes. The system is integrated into the university information environment and serves as a tool for the university management to provide information necessary for its efficient operation. ​


“After a thorough market research in the area of applications for property management, we selected the AMI application from HSI, which offers functionality, technology, and a price point that best satisfied our requirements. We chose well, as the implementation on the vendor’s side was professional and aimed to meet our needs as much as possible. Together with HSI experts, we performed a thorough analysis of processes connected to building management, maintenance and rentals. Emphasis was also put on integration of AMI with other applications. The result is an important tool that provides information allowing the management of the University of Pardubice to manage it efficiently.”

Ing. Olga Klápšťová,
Director of Information Technologies and Services


  • More efficient administration of the university property
  • Lower costs for buildings, equipment, and facilities management
  • Improved university management thanks to property data consolidation
  • Cost and material verification and tracking for building management
  • Maintenance cost optimization


Customer profile

The University of Pardubice follows in the steps of the city’s more than sixty-year tradition of academic education. It was founded as the College of Chemistry in Pardubice. After 1990, the single faculty school began to evolve into the current university institution with more than eight thousand students currently enrolled.

Starting point

The extensive growth of the university over the past years was also accompanied by the need to efficiently manage its immovable property and infrastructure. The university is responsible for several sites and many buildings of different ages. The university environment is very specific due to its typically decentralized organization structure and a need to react to constant changes resulting not only from the growth of the school, but also the evolution of individual departments and changes in study plans. Costs for university property management such as buildings, equipment, and facilities thus significantly influence financial management of this institution. The core was a requirement to provide comprehensive and up-to-date information about immovable and selected movable property, which was followed by a requirement to allow system access to authorized university personnel.

Project outcome

The outcome is a unified source of valid property data and of all documentation (technical, legislative, operational) in one transparent environment. Operative access to required information is ensured, and defined responsibilities for individual data groups and the entrusted property are specified. Quality of information support for property management processes, i.e. property maintenance and rentals, is improved. The newly implemented system was interlinked with other internal company systems and was integrated into the university information portal.

our Solution


The project began with the AMI – Passport module. Great attention was paid to a thorough establishment of building passports, migration of all available passportization records, and to gradual updating of passportization data in the new system, including creation of building graphic data.

Data was created by digitization of paper drawings, which were consequently vectored and transformed into geodetic coordinates. Using other tools, graphic data was then connected to the completed descriptive passportization data, followed by completing and updating the passport database.

Since the beginning, a great emphasis was put on integration of the AMI system into the university information environment and on its link to the iFIS economic system. Data interlink of both systems is useful not only for checking the data accuracy and consistency, but also as a source of data for visualization of selected economic phenomena in the graphic part of the AMI system, such as monitoring the residual value of investments that were put into an object at the relevant cost centre. Information about the property recorded in the economic system and in AMI is not duplicated, but the systems reciprocally supplement each other because they are tracked for different purposes of different department, or in order to meet diverse legislation requirements.

Further, there is an interlink with the STAG academy system, Central Register of Persons, and there is also data exchange with the VERSO executive information system. Attention is given also to the consistent sharing of registers with all systems, which eliminates duplicate and redundant data.

In order to keep records of maintenance activities and for a better overview of activities and costs, the AMI – Maintenance module is used and all requests are recorded, including the entire resolution process and notification distribution. It is possible to define SLAs and to monitor KPIs in order to monitor the quality and time of requests resolution.

Basic project information