AMI system implementation in Východoslovenská energetika Holding

Východoslovenská energetika Holding, a.s. implemented the AMI solution for property management and gained a comprehensive overview of its buildings and sites, including significant reduction in management costs. Thanks to AMI, the company is able to manage its maintenance and repair processes efficiently and have an up-to-date overview of the quality of individual request resolution.​


“Implementation of Space Management significantly reduced the complexity of record-keeping for all our managed immovable property, made reporting on utilization of premises much easier for our controllers, and most of all, made it possible to have a precisely defined report for each department available “just-in-time”, with no need to get in touch with our department.

It made placement of our 1,600 employees significantly easier and clearer for all managers who needed this service, and again, with no need to contact our department.

When it comes to a clear overview of costs and making the services more efficient, Space Management provides excellent materials supporting decision-making, analysis and the follow-up purchase of individual services from the vendors. To be specific, division of areas for cleaning purposes helps us to define the scope and exact specification of rooms, in order to specify the method of cleaning for each of them (just-in-time) during our communication with the vendor, which means that the cleaning expenses are managed more efficiently.

Access to the Booking module was given to all company employees. Due to this very understandable solution and truly intuitive procedure for making reservations, this module was implemented with minimum difficulties. Our employees adapted to this system in about 2 weeks and today, approximately five months after deployment, they are using it without any difficulties.

The Helpdesk module made monitoring of costs needed for real estate maintenance much easier for us and, thanks to the reports, it also makes analysis and other decisions related to buildings management easier.

We highly appreciate HSI’s approach, communication and willingness to oblige during the entire implementation in our company, especially when considering the distance between Prague and Košice.”

Ing. Karolína Petrvalská,
Manager of Department of Real Estate Operation and Maintenance


  • Cost saving for buildings and real estate management
  • Comprehensive overview of buildings and sites thanks to graphic visualization
  • Faster processing of use and cost analyses for individual premises
  • More efficient maintenance processes and repair requests resolution
  • Up-to-date overview of status, time, and quality of resolution
  • Increased use of meeting rooms and reduced operation costs


Customer profile

Východoslovenská energetika Holding (VSE H) is an energy company providing comprehensive electricity supply services. The core business of VSE H is purchasing electricity from producers and selling it to about 500,000 end-customers. VSE H provides customers with comprehensive services in the area of electricity sales and distribution based on combined electricity supply contracts. Since 2003, it has been part of RWE energy group.

Starting point

The customer asked for a standard property management solution requiring minimum adjustments and customization. The most important requirement was to minimize implementation costs and to use the CAD building documentation and current MS Excel records, which were so extensive that updating them was almost impossible when using the present methods. Another requirement was the on-line transfer of information to SAP and ensuring integrity of data between the property management systems and SAP without double entries and transcription. The customer also required replacement of the present record keeping tool and resolution status of maintenance requests because it did not completely match the company processes. Processing individual requests was lengthy and put unnecessary burden on the real estate management staff.

Project outcome

The outcome of the solution is complete documentation of buildings, rooms, and shared equipment, which are presented in graphic floor plans. The graphic presentation in particular makes orientation significantly easier and shows a context that is not immediately apparent from the text or table presentation. Utilization of individual meeting rooms was optimized, conflicts during meeting room bookings were significantly reduced, and it became possible to automatically calculate operation costs.

our Solution


The solution is based on Space Management, i.e. record-keeping of buildings and individual VSE premises, with a focus on monitoring individual premises occupancy and internal billing of costs. This area is covered by the AMI (Asset Management Information) solution and its modules – Buildings, Sites, and Person and Employees. Reports supporting SLAs for monitoring quality and cost of services are in use within the solution.

The most important part of a correctly working system is high quality data. First, data was imported from the drawings of individual buildings and their internal space in AutoCAD format, which VSE H was using at the time. Data was cleaned, assigned areas, and imported into the database, where it was linked to the rest of the data imported primarily from MS Excel tables.

Further completion and cleaning of the database was then performed directly in the AMI environment, which provides efficient tools for this kind of activity. Additionally, information for management and administration of activities connected to outside maintenance, such as parking lots administration or providing greenery care, were provided within the Space Management.

Implementation of the SAP interface is a significant part of the solution scope. The SAP system primarily contains the organization structure, cost centres, individual employees, and other data. This data is then used and processed by the AMI system for tasks dealing with the allocation of employees into rooms, or during processing utilization and cost analyses of individual premises. Information from the AMI system is also reciprocally transferred to SAP as special-purpose reports.

A module for solving HelpDesk requirements was also implemented. This module provides basic support for processes related to management of buildings and real estate and it is a single point where employees can report malfunctions and defects and place a repair request. Support for monitoring resolution times and quality of individual requests, tools for planning, and quality and time reporting is included in the solution. Of course, notifications informing workers about new tasks or informing requestors about the status of their requests are part of the solution as well.

Further, a Booking module was deployed. This module handles processes related to the utilization of meeting rooms, including managing internal costs for their booking and related services, such as catering. Included in the solution is also integration to Microsoft Outlook so that data about individual bookings are sent automatically.

Basic project information