• Solution for completing analytical and operational tasks and requirements during distribution networks recording, management, and maintenance
  • Technological extension of ArcGIS platform
  • Solution for desktop, web, and mobile applications

We believe that the unique combination of ESRI, a robust GIS technology, with the long-term industry know-how of HSI will bring our customers benefits not only when it comes to increasing operational efficiency, but also in the performance of legal obligations from the network recording and property management point of view. 

Description of ProGIS

ProGIS consists of a set of components designed for the creation of a complex geographic information system using ArcGIS technology from ESRI. ProGIS supports the following tasks:

  • Detailed overview of networks location, type, age, material etc.
  • Location of individual technological complexes and devices in the field
  • Area identification and simple navigation to addresses and lots
  • Use of data from RÚIAN (the Registry of Territorial Identification, Addresses, and Real Estate) public data sources, background maps
  • Use of data from the Cadastre of Real Estate while solving proprietary relations

ProGIS also offers support for technical-operational tasks, such as:

  • Registration, solution, and monitoring of malfunctions, including their routing, and identification of affected customers
  • Planned and reactive maintenance
  • Planning new access lines and investments
  • Statements and providing the geographical analytical support data





ProGIS for desktop

Designed for the ArcGIS for Desktop environment, it presents a functional extension of this platform. The application provides a number of tasks and functionalities that do not exist in ArcGIS. It also offers its users the features that do exist in ArcGIS already, but in a more user-friendly form, which enables them to perform tasks much more efficiently.

ProGIS for web

Enables the user to access data via a web browser and to perform simple informational or more complex analytical operations, with the ability to print or export the output data.

ProGIS for mobile devices
Enables the user to enter data into the system on-line, directly in the field. It also supports the storage of information on elements for use in off-line mode.




  • Technological solution from HSI in the ArcGIS environment extends the current functionalities of this platform
  • Based on a modular (construction kit) principle it allows the use of PC based fat or thin client components, or to collect and edit data directly in the field with the help of a mobile solution
  • Makes it possible to create web tasks beyond the possibilities of accessible, generally distributed templates
  • Easy to configure and incorporate into any existing IT infrastructure
  • Provides many tasks and functionalities that do not exist in ArcGIS, or offers already existing features in a more user-friendly form
  • Improvement and modernization of distribution networks documentation management via a software solution, which enables reshaping and additions
  • Increase in operation efficiency, as well as performance of legal obligations from the network recording and property management point of view
  • Making the GIS solution deployment more efficient (lower costs, speed of deployment) by using ready-made, repeatedly used components
  • Possibility to exchange data with other GISs and provide data to the public in order to lower the risk of disrupting the networks and devices owned and managed