• Mobile application tailor-made to your specific needs and requirements
  • Information directly from the field
  • Ability to access and immediately edit data

Description of HSI mobile solution

HSI mobile application enables you to enter data directly into an on-line system. It also provides employees in the field with needed information. Whether you work outside, or you sit at your desk, you always have up-to-date information at hand. You significantly reduce time spent transferring information from the field to the system.

We provide:

  • Design and development of mobile solutions and applications
  • Integration with other IS within the organization
  • Mobile solution installation, implementation, and administration
  • Expert training for the users
  • Supply of suitable mobile devices
  • Full service
Advantages and benefits
  • Information available any time, any place
  • Easy data editing
  • Simple and intuitive navigation
  • On-line and off-line mode
  • Faster and more precise collection and entry of data
  • Simplification of access to data and the ability to share

Mobile solution for property management

When managing immovable property, it is necessary to maintain and collect a large amount of data, some of which has to be gathered or checked personally directly on the spot. It may be, for example, inspecting fire extinguishers, placement of escape routes plans, etc. Regular site and facility checks are also important, as well as recording defects as part of the regular maintenance, or physical property inventory check. The basic mobile client allows access to basic passports and other text information while the HSI application also enables graphic visualization of the position of the equipment on the site map or the building plan.

  • Search for equipment (rooms – position of technology), in case of a site, including GPS location
  • Display over map background
  • Displaying current data on selected equipment, room, etc.
  • Displaying related documentation (revision protocols, etc.)
  • Reporting a malfunction or requesting maintenance directly on the spot
  • Entry of current values for the existing equipment or creation of a new entry
  • Adding a note or a description
  • Ability to add pictures
  • Automatic recording of GPS location
  • Displaying control information (based on entered value) about errors:
    • warning against entering a technologically invalid value,
    • warning against exceeding limit values,
    • option to add more types of checks.
MOBILe solution for network operators

Technological equipment in heating plants, power plants, gasworks, etc. generates a large amount of operational data. This data is important not only for monitoring the technology condition (leakage, pressures, temperatures, frequencies, consumption, etc.), but also for the energy supply invoicing. There are still a significant number of measurements that have to be monitored and recorded manually. Employees physically perform these readings while checking the equipment. The aim of the mobile solution is to enter these values in the central database on the spot in order to eliminate the intermediate manual data transcription. Data collected automatically and manually may be combined making it is possible to have complex information on the network status (operational values, data for invoicing, etc.). Other important areas are the support of network operation and maintenance and the recording and documentation of defects, malfunctions, and service activities. The ability to directly use central GIS data is an advantage. Mobile client for networks operators from HSI provides access to required information for the workers in the field and enables them to update or enter data directly on-line.

mobile client application for networks operators provides the following functionalities:
  • Displaying current position on the map using GPS 
  • Displaying network objects at the relevant place including individual equipment or network objects attributes
  • Ability to search for network objects location, addresses, etc.
  • Displaying relevant documentation (integration diagrams, technical designs, photos, etc.)
  • Entering current readings for the existing equipment or creating a new entry 
  • Adding a note or a description 
  • Displaying control information (based on entered value) about errors:
    • warning against entering a technologically invalid value,
    • warning against exceeding limit values,
    • option to add more types of checks.
  • Ability to take and send a photo
  • Other functionalities for intervention planning, procedures management, maintenance team business trips, etc.

  • AMI operational system and mobile solution for data collection in THMÚ
  • Integration of spatial data and property management for Teplárna Strakonice