For mines, we design GIS systems with central data storage for spatial data about the mining location. It is possible to make a model of the mine, including the mining map, according to the relevant technical legislation.

Surface mining of raw materials is a specific activity that requires precise and long-term planning and documentation not only for the purposes of the mining companies’ management, but also for the State Mining Administration and other institutions. A technical-operational solution for this type of company has to ensure integration of spatial data from many different sources (geodetic documentation, geologic data, cadastral data, mining advancement plans, documentation of reclamation plans and procedures, and many more).

ReferenCE projeCTS:

This solution has to support the main company processes:​

  • Unified records of land, including inputs for property tax purposes
  • Unified records of reclamation grounds
  • Unified procedure for performing property management (including all networks and services) via geographic information system
  • Processing mining and measurement documentation
  • Creating user maps in order to satisfy the needs of individual technical professions
  • Presentations of mining plans and geological sections
  • Integration with production management, maintenance management, and other processes

By supporting these key processes, modularity, and the overall openness of our system, we can efficiently provide solutions for companies of various sizes and mining different raw materials, such as coal, kaolin, gravel, sand, etc.