We offer information systems that contain a combination of graphic, technical, and descriptive data about buildings situated in several locations, about technical components, and proprietary relations.

Building management covers information about buildings (and constructions in general) situated in several locations, about their functional arrangement, technical construction components, usage, and leaseholder management. Due to the large variety of office, warehousing, accommodation, operational, and other types of spaces, it is necessary to systematically manage a large number of records.

ReferenCES projeCTS:
  • Property management and premises rentals system in Technopol Servis

The solution offers the following types of records​:

  • Technical – external and internal areas, buildings, rooms, furnishing, and equipment
  • Underground services
  • All property
  • Administrative records and photo documentation

All of this is available with the ability to link to the Cadastre of Real Estate, with the option of graphical representation or map location.

With this comprehensive information in hand, the managers and operators are given a unique tool for:

  • Maintenance management, including monitoring costs
  • Checking processes related to property renewal
  • Request system for communication between the leaseholders and the operator
  • Reservation of premises, including equipment and refreshments

The solution may also be linked to other systems (accounting, financial, security, etc.). A combination of graphic, technical, and descriptive information makes it useful not only for the facility operators, but also for the leaseholders.