• Implementing projects and software solutions with unique added value
  • Custom development of information systems and software
  • Software solution precisely matching customer’s requirements and vision
  • Customer maintains continuous control over the software solution being developed

The same process that applies to building a family house also applies to software. You can choose one of the standardized models available, but that will never satisfy your ideal living conditions. Alternatively, you can choose expert architects who will transform your requirements into a new unique project that perfectly fulfills your vision.

When working on diverse custom software development projects, we approach projects with unique added value (individually applied processes, specific functionalities, standardized internal interface, etc.). We employ experience and technological know-how, which brings our customers a competitive edge when compared to standardized software products available on the market.

  • Individually negotiated license to use the given software solution
  • Process adaptability and specific functionality
  • Prototype approach to verify partial software solution on-site, iterative development
  • Component architecture, system and data integration
  • Individual training for each user group