• Modern complex software for facility management
  • Includes processing of movable and immovable property records, operation, management, and maintenance
  • Interacts efficiently with other company systems

AMI description

AMI is a modular solution for property management and computer aided facility management. It is available as a construction kit allowing users to assemble individual modules. The corner stone of the solution is a central graphic passport of immovable properties, which gives a clear overview of the buildings condition. It is easy to add other descriptive entries, which may be used by other modules. Based on the passport, it is easy to generate reports, which then serve as inputs for increasing the efficiency of internal company processes.

The system can also be fully adapted to a user and it is easy to incorporate it into a company information systems environment. AMI works with descriptive, graphic, and multimedia data, with designs and documents, and it also provides support for work procedures (workflow). It is able to work with spatial localization of objects (immovable property, rooms, equipment, employees, etc.). The comprehensive approach of the AMI system for property management helps to create a unified and transparent information environment. The data on property management and data on maintenance, documentation, technical information, and other company data on the property and its management are accessible to authorized personnel in the entire company for the duration of the property lifetime.

Advantages And benefits
  • Unified information base for efficient property management
  • Clear overview of costs per given area
  • Real support for company operation
  • Providing relevant information for decision-making processes
  • Integration of data from different sources
  • Useful for a wide range of users
  • Simple access to data
  • Tailored adaptation
  • Adherence to legal obligations
  • Cost savings for maintenance and replacement of equipment and furnishings
  • Faster decision-making processes based on up-to-date information

 Basic AMI modules
AMI - Passport

AMI – Passport is a basic module that enables the creation and administration of required passportization data about sites, buildings, other property, and people, including relevant proprietary relations. It includes structures of buildings and manufacturing sites, list of sites, land, buildings and areas, and infrastructure services network including its connection to the external distribution systems and buildings energy management. As a result of links to accounting systems, it also contains accounting records of properties. A clear representation of a building’s condition, and cost savings during maintenance, are the main benefits.

Extension modules

  • Technical equipment of buildings
  • Furniture and office equipment
  • Personnel register
  • Security
AMI - Rentals and Leasing

The basic AMI – Rentals and Leasing module allows the customer to keep records of rental agreements, assign rented areas to leaseholders, locate the rented areas on a clear map, and monitor the usage and current condition of the rented areas. There is, of course, the possibility to create tables and graphic reports. It is possible to link this module to other external systems, such as accounting system, SAP, etc.

AMI - Maintenance

The basic AMI – Maintenance module includes records of requests and the entire solution process, including sending notifications. It also contains information on emergency repairs and planned maintenance. This module enables the creation of inputs for planning, gives information about material consumption, and supports the management of internal and external suppliers (in-/outsourcing). It is possible to define SLAs and monitor KPIs, i.e. to monitor quality and speed of resolutions. Its benefit is the optimization of maintenance costs and transfer of finance from unplanned maintenance to planned (investment) development.

Extension modules

  • Revisions
  • Mobile solutions
  • Spare parts depot
AMI - Reservation of Premises

In the AMI – Reservation of Premises basic module, requests for reservation of different types of rooms, including tracking of dates, are recorded. It is possible to search for available premises and to create reservations according to the required room capacity and type, time, date, and the required equipment. In this module, it is possible to graphically display maps of premises occupancy, as well as generate clear statistics on usage of premises. Among its benefits are efficient management of reservations and rentals, lower administration costs, as well as maximization of income related to the optimization of premises usage. It also offers the ability to include reservations of company vehicles.

Extension modules

  • Carpooling
AMI - Energies and Readings

The AMI – Energies and Readings module presents a comprehensive solution for monitoring operational costs for energy (water, gas, electricity, etc.) and their billing. It includes support for technical-operational technology checks and meter readings (including the option of using a mobile client). This module provides information for energy audits and for equipment changes. Easier cost control and more efficient decision-making are the benefits of this module.